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Sunday, June 11, 2023 9:00 PM

Introductory lesson to Japanese Quoits - Slideshow

I made an "Introductory lesson to Japanese Quoits" to those who are interested in Japanese style Quoits game.
Please enjoy!

Introductory lesson to Japanese Quoits - Point competition type

Introductory lesson to Japanese Quoits - Pair match type


Sunday, January 8, 2023 10:00 AM

Wild birds invitation DIY project

Birds used to make nest on the tree in our garden. But, I've not seeing wild birds making nest in my garden quite some time these days.
Because of the frequent pruning of our garden's trees, the birds may find the trees are not good enough to make their nest.
To invite the birds in my garden again, I decided to make bird house, feeding station and water place nearby the trees
and expecting to come again.


Friday, December 22, 2022 8:00 PM

Japanese style Quoits (Ring Toss) game introduction


The International Quoits Association, Japan is the well known body of defining rules and equipments used for competition, but some other associations exist, though.
The rule is quite different with the one used in USA/UK Quoits rule. Here is the summarized official rule used in Japanese Quoits competition for reference.

Ring Toss

There are 3 major throwing forms in Japanese quoits. The underneath video shows 'Side flip throw', but the other popular throwing styles are 'Center flip throw' and 'Pendulum swing throw'.
Each throwing type has pros and cons, and therefore, there are many variation techniques to improve the cons situations.
Quoits is just a simple game, but to get higher point score, especially throwing ring from a long distant line (5m or 8.5m), is quite difficult, indeed.

         Quoits club's training place in Kobe (NHK)


Friday, November 12, 2021 10:00 AM

Japanese style Quoits game

Ring Toss
I was assigned to a manager of the local community's quoits club for seniors, somehow.
I have no experience of playing quoits, even from the childhood time, as though the game is quite common for children.
All the members of the new club, are same as I am, so somehow, I was elected.
In US and Europe countries, 'Horseshoes' or 'Cast Iron Ring' quoits are very popular, but here in Japan, that type of quoits is not played.
The popular type of quoits here is using '60x60cm square board with 9-pins' and '9 rings made of rubber' type.
This type of Ring Toss game have brought by European(England) ship sailor clues. Sailors on the ship, while the ship in ocean, have no chance to exercise physically on the ship. So they developed 'Hoopla' game for this purpose and enjoyed.

In Taisho era, as Kobe was a famous port for importing/exporting goods for outside countries, this 'Hoopla' game became to known by the people of Kobe and spreads over country.
Thousands of clubs are now exercising Japanese quoits game for preparing to attend the competitions held at local or district levels.

            History of Quoits in Japan (NHK)


Friday, July 23, 2021 10:00 AM

Second Tokyo Olympic Games in my life


This black/white picture was taken almost 60 years ago at the Tokyo Olympic football game stadium, when I was an University student at that time, with my friend.
This time, the second Olympic Summer Games have just started in Japan (Tokyo 2020s), though postponed a year because of COVID-19, most of the games are opened with no spectators.

Regardless of the unexpected Corona-virus happening, I am happy to have 2 Olympic Games here in my life, and hope to have a good ending.



Monday, October 08, 2020 10:00 AM

My 77 years birthday

Today is my birthday!

77th birthday

Here in Japan, 77 is a very happy number, because of the fact that the word Joy or delight in Kanji font looks like 77,
if written by ink brush. Actual Kanji font used for printing is '喜', but ink brush written letter in printing style is '㐂',
because of the fact that Kanji letters generally have many strokes of line, so in brush writing form is simplified very much.
This font '㐂' is actually the the combination of 3 letters, 七十七 and 77 is written in Japanese(Kanji) font is 七十七.

That's why Japanese celebrates 77th birthday because of the happy delightful age.

By the way, I've developed "Slide-show" application program quite some time ago.
This time, I updated the application program to handle the 'Narration' feature in the slide-show.
My short birthday's show is using this narration feature. Please enjoy my show!

This Japanese narrator, Microsoft provided 'Ayumi' utterance is very good for Japanese language,
but even though she can handle English word, her pronunciation is Japanese accent.
My PC language environment is 'ja-JP', that's why Ayumi is selected by default. (others are Haruka and Ichiro)
In US environment, utterance of Zira, David or Mark (or many others for different language countries) are provided.
Of course, slide-show can select any other country's language and the country's utterance by application.
My method of selecting language is to use the HTML's 'lang' attribute, though most of the programmer omit this entry.
If the entry is omitted, the default (local language) will be selected.



Friday, June 05, 2020 10:00 AM

50 years passed after the Philippine's SSS(Social Security System) on-line system installation

Masaya ang buhay sa Maynila!
50 taon na ang nakalipas mula nang bumisita ako sa Lungsod ng Maynila para sa 'Social Security System' computer install.

Happy life in Manila!
50 years passed since my visit to Manila city for the Philippine's 'Social Security System' computer installation.

Nanirahan ako roon nang 6 na buwan.
Samakatwid, nauunawaan ko ang Tagalog nang kaunti.

I lived there for 6 months.
Therefore, I understand Tagalog a little bit.

My first business trip to foreign country was the Philippines helping country's SSS (Social Security System) computer installation. (1970/6/5)
The system had an on-line access capability country-wide, even in Japan at that time, our SSS did not have that capability yet.

I visited this site a couple of times after the installation.
The photo is taken 1976/3/23.
This time, the computer system have been up-graded from NCR200 to NCR300, and added high performance Disk system with big capacity.

      Mabuhay, mga kaibigan at pilipinas!


Sunday, March 08, 2020 10:00 AM

Memorial service for my mother & father

My mother died 50 years ago, and my father died 30 years ago.
They lived in country side, where I was born, but after my graduation of University,
I got job in Tokyo and was seldom to visit parents place since then.

After some 20 years after last visit, I visited the house that I was born again.
My brother and his family are currently living there.

The purpose of this visit was to join the memorial service for my mother's 50 years and father's 30 years anniversary.
It's very common to have a room having a family altar to Buddha, especially old house in country side.
The service was held at a room, having a family altar, by several monks with attending family and relatives.
It's common to have a dinner treatment after the service.

My elder brother is 8 years older than I am. Who will be sitting for the next dinner here? Only Buddha knows.


Saturday, September 19, 2019 10:00 AM

Good old days.


It's not me. This is my wife's story when she was young. This have been taken from the old news article of Camp Zama, where she was born.

92-557-0751-1/USARJ/GP-62 29 JUNE 62




Thursday, October 19, 2017 10:00 PM

Tokyo area gets coldest day in 79 years

Today is my birthday. My age have reached somewhere around mid seventies.
TV news is announcing that today is the coldest day in the Tokyo metropolitan area (12.3℃), this time of the year, in 79 years.
That means the coldest birthday in my life, so far.


Tuesday, November 19, 2017 12:00 PM

My grandson is getting a handmade RANDOSERU, preparing for the elementary school entry


A randoseru (ランドセル) is a firm-sided backpack made of stitched firm leather or leather-like synthetic material, most commonly used in Japan by elementary schoolchildren. Traditionally it is given to a child upon beginning his or her first year of school, whereupon the child uses the same bag until grade 6. The term is a borrowed word from the Dutch "ransel" meaning "backpack", a clue to its origins nearly 200 years ago as used in the Netherlands.

The use of the randoseru began in the Edo era. Along with a wave of western reforms in the Japanese military, the Netherlands-style rucksack called ransel (randoseru) was introduced as a new way for the foot soldiers to carry their baggage. The shape much resembled the randoseru bags used today.

In 1885, the Japanese government, through the elementary school Gakushūin, proposed the use of a backpack as the new ideal for Japanese elementary school students. And this bag became the common use for all other schools, shortly after that.

It's very common to present the randoseru by grandfather/mother to their grandchildren, at the time they enter the first grade of elementary school, here in Japan.
So, I did the same thing, as my father did the same thing to my son about 35 years ago.


Thursday, November 24, 2016 12:00 PM

Tokyo area gets first November dusting of snow in 54 years


Snow was observed in the Tokyo metropolitan area today. The agency said the snowfall, marked 40 days earlier than last year, is the first such dusting in November in 54 years. If the snow accumulates on the ground in downtown Tokyo, it would be the first time on record.
The picture was taken from my house of second floor, looking for nearby neighbor's house and part of my garden. Snowfall was about an inch deep around here.


Thursday, November 3, 2016 07:00 PM

Shichi-Go-San Celebration


Four years ago, I posted my grand-daughter, 5 years old, Shichi-Go-San picture, but this time, grand-daughter becomes 7 and grand-son become 5 years old. So the another Shichi-Go-San comes around to celebrate.
By the way, Shichi-Go-San (七五三 seven-five-three) is a traditional festival day in Japan when parents celebrate the growth of their children and pray for their future and well-being when their daughters turn three or seven and their sons turn three or five. Originally, this event was held on November 15th. However, these days people often celebrate it on their convenient day in Autumn because it is not a national holiday.

Parents usually dress their daughters in kimono and their sons in hakama, which are formal Japanese skirtlike trousers. They then take them to a shrine to celebrate their growth and pray for their health. They also take family pictures as a keepsake.

Here's my grand-daughter seven years old, and grand-son five years old, the Shichi-Go-San picture. Photo is taken from Tamagawa Sengen Jinja site, viewing Musashi-kosugi town, where my son's family is living.


Monday, June 13, 2016 07:00 AM

Slideshow "Microsoft Windows History"

Just for fun and for my memorandum, I made a slide-show of Microsoft Windows History.
The story is HERE. This show introduces only Windows for Home PC, and excluded Windows NT and Windows 2000 versions, because these versions were used mainly in business environment. But these days, OS becomes One-core and no difference any more.
I will update the story as Microsoft release the new version. Expecting Anniversary Update for Windows 10 very soon.


Sunday, November 29, 2015 07:00 AM

Slideshow "A story of the young birds"

young birds
About 12 years ago, the wild bird happened to make a nest on one of the tree in our garden. I took some photos from the beginning of their making nest, hatching, feeding and to the moment young birds leaving nest. And I used these photos in the article 'How to make Slide-show', which once I mentioned on my post, February 3, 2014 in this Monologue. That was quite some time ago. Recently, I had a chance to update this 'How to make Slide-show' article, because of the Microsoft new Edge web browser changes.

The story ended with the happy leaving of their nest with parent and children, at that time. But, the story haven't finished yet. Every spring after they left our garden, they are re-visiting their old home. I just don't know they are parent or children, but I know they are not the other birds, because they show me their the special talent, which I used to teach them to catch the food on the air with jumping-fly, for the first day of the re-visit. So, I added the part II of "A story of young birds" for this story, after almost 10 years later, at this maintenance occasion.
The stories are HERE.


Sunday, March 01, 2015 22:00 PM

Microsoft Movie Maker to Slideshow Conversion Tool

The other day, I wrote my slide-show on this Monologue and I wrote I was developing Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker to Slide-show Conversion Tool, -wlmp2html.exe. But, since then I've not touched this project for 5 years, and I almost forgot that project.
Recent maintenance activity of my Slide-show tool recalled my old memory, and again, I am trying to complete that project now.

As I wrote before, the main reason of a tool development is;

    1. Microsoft Movie Maker is so easy to use for making Slide-show like Movie. (using only still photos, not videos)
    2. It has full of features, such as pan/zoom, transition effects, text display effects, background music, etc...
    3. If you only want to enjoy the built show on your local PC, you don't need to build into MP4 or Video encoded file.
    4. But, you can enjoy only on your local PC. If you want to upload the Show on to Internet, you have to convert it to Video encoded format.
    5. Movie Maker conversion to Video style is very easy, but the problem is the size of Video file.
    6. Small project using reasonable amount of photos becomes near 100 MB size, and almost eating up my WEB site space.

So, my conclusion is to have a single tool, which works for both local PC and Internet WEB.
What is the intention of using Movie Maker? It is so easy to build the show. I will use that easiness, but once the Movie Maker project is done, I will use that project file, which does not have any binaries, instead text only. Then my conversion tool wlmp2html.exe will convert to Slide-show.
Of course, my Slide-show works on local PC and on Internet WEB. There's no binary things. Only a small amount of text javascript code.

As you can see from the following screen snapshot, I am using HTA file for local application, and HTML for Internet application.
What is the difference? Basically, no difference. The HTML file can be run on both environment without any change. If you really want to change HTML to HTA, you can do that by changing the file extension from ".html" to ".hta", but the reason I am using 2 styles is that the local application does not change or add any current file directory structure on PC and uses as same as Movie Maker does. While the Internet application creates the image and music directories and gathers photos/music files into these directories for WEB upload easiness.
Upload-ability to the WEB site and maintainability of the WEB site is the key of HTML style.

I've almost completed development, and is now verifying program functions for any existence of bugs. Soon, I will post this tool on download section of my WEB.
The following figure is the screen shot of the tool. You can download the tool HERE.

Note: ¥ (Yen) character seen on the screen shot is actually '\' (back-slash) character in English language environment.


Tuesday, February 3, 2014 10:30 AM

IE9, IE10, IE11, IE12 or SPARTAN? causing trouble with my slideshow on Web pages

The other day, I wrote my slide-show on this Monologue. I used quite a lot of slideshows on my various Web pages. Since then, I've not payed big effort on this project, but slide-show worked fine for quite a long time without trouble, with the assistance of compatible mode feature.

Time to time, Microsoft and other Web browser makers have revised their browsers and introdued new versions. The main impact facter of the change, in particular with slide-show, is HTML5 introduction the Audio tag, Microsoft proprietary filters and transitions out of support, audio control panel size change and some internal change such as navigator.appName, and depreciation of the document.documentMode.

One tricky fact that was caused trouble, for example, was navigator.appName. Up to IE10 Version, Microsoft IE was always internally reported as "Microsoft Internet Explorer", but IE11 now reported as "Netscape". If <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=n"> tag is specified in the HTML file, IE11 is now reported as "Microsft Internet Explorer". Because of this fact, my Javascript Library caused conflict and does't act as expected. The IE11 Edge mode is now almost a Google Chrome, but not exactly. I fixed Javascript Library, and now working fine for latest versions.

IE for Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926) version has IE 11.0.9800, as far as user visible version pop-up screen. But, internaly user agent string is different than Windows 8.1 IE 11.0.9600, and the part of the string has Edge/12.0 on it. So, I believe Microsoft is going to release as IE12 in mind.
But, I don't know coming Windows 10's RTMed version will be IE12 or SPARTAN yet. Another trouble? Who knows. I will act again on that time, just in case.

You can find one of my slide-shows on my Web page, as an example working on IE11 Edge mode with HTML5 compliant and Windows 10 IE HERE, if you are on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926).

Note: I found Windows 10 (Spartan) has a problem with Pan/Zoom/Scroll (horizontal/vertical move function only).
As this function works fine for other versions of IE and Chrome without problem, so, I can't figure out yet, at this time,
whether this is caused by bug or new functional change?

Update: Above incompatibility issue have been traced to the style property pixelTop/pixelLeft handling change. Google Chrome have changed sometime ago and Microsoft IE have changed from Win10 (TP2). My code have changed to adapt this change, and now handling with the style top/left properties.

For, those who are interested to make Slide-show, I compiled a guidance manual HERE for your reference.
I embedded following demo slide-show here. The show can be started by hitting the left-most Start/Stop button on the slide-show progress-bar.
If you need another demo, please check THIS. (Note: some of the scripts are Japanese.)




Thursday, October 31, 2013 01:30 PM



Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of Western countries on October 31. It is not a traditional festival in Japan, though, it's becoming very popular here and many people celebrate Halloween, same as the case of Christmas.

My son's family have recently moved from Asakusa to Kawasaki area, the city located in between Tokyo and Yokohama, where the Country's biggest Halloween Parade is famous for. About 3,000 people with variety of costumes joins the parade and more than 100,000 peoples gather to watch this event. Actual Halloween day is the last day of October, but here, the parade event will be held on last Saturday and Sunday of October. First day is for kids, and Second day is for adults.

Here's the picuture of my grand-daughter and grand-son, who joined the Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2013 for the first time.


Saturday, November 3, 2012 01:30 PM

Shichi-Go-San Celebration


Shichi-Go-San (七五三 seven-five-three) is a traditional festival day in Japan when parents celebrate the growth of their children and pray for their future and well-being when their daughters turn three or seven and their sons turn three or five. Originally, this event was held on November 15th. However, these days people often celebrate it on their convenient day in Autumn because it is not a national holiday.

Parents usually dress their daughters in kimono and their sons in hakama, which are formal Japanese skirt-like trousers. They then take them to a shrine to celebrate their growth and pray for their health. They also take family pictures as a keepsake.

Here's my grand-daughter's photo, three years old, holding Chitose ame(千歳飴)in her hand. Photo is taken inside the shrine, Asakusa Jinja, after the ceremony of norito by the shrine's priest. Chitose ame literally means "thousand year candy", and is usually given to children as a gift, which symbolizes the parent’s wish for their children’s health and longevity.


Saturday, July 7, 2012 06:30 AM

After a Quater Century, NCR is ...


I visited Atlanta a couple of times. The most unforgettable event in my memory was that I received a Telegram message (there was no e-mail yet at that time) from my wife while I was in Atlanta for long term business trip, which was saying "our girl baby was just born this morning". That was Mar 1980.

This picture is the NCR Retail Division in Duluth, Georgia. I worked there in 1990 and 1992, for developing MICR/OCR Reader/Sorter in Reader/Sorter Business Unit (which actually belongs to Waterloo Division in Canada).
Later in 2009, NCR have moved the headquarters from Dayton, which have had well over Centennial history (125 yrs), to this Plant. My car is on Satellite Blvd. and the hill top place seen on side mirror is the Gwinnett Place.

Atlanta Retail Division, at that time, was a new facility and the center of companies retail products production, but I never thought that NCR would move the headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to this Atlanta plant, Duluth, Georgia.
It have past almost a quarter Century since I have engaged an MICR reader/sorter project in this location.

Pictures for this trip are HERE.

NCR have changed a lot those days. Purchase of Teradata corporation, acquisition by AT&T, spin-off from AT&T, Teradata separation, ...
These days were gone, but NCR is ...


Saturday, April 30, 2011 04:30 PM

Document editor for my personal use

These days, Personal Computer is almost a must standard tool, such as a pencil. Everybody need to have one on the desk, home or office. Even at the time of trip, regardless of personal or business, they'd like to carry one, mobile or notebook type.
For long time, I used to use Text Editor "note, or notepad" for writing down personal memo such as, todo list, programing hints, name and address, meeting memo, etc....
It is very light-weighted and very fast to launch, compare to professional type word editor. Of course the nature of this simple text editor, features of word processing capability is limitted. This is OK. But, one inconvenience of "notepad" is that lack of text color, image clip and links handling.

Becuase of these lacking features, I was difficult to decide long time, whether I should change to other editor such as Write, WordPad, Word, or some others. Each one has pros and cons. My decision was to make my own Editor, satisfies my requests. I don't need feature rich Microsoft Word like word processor.

Some of my required features are:

1. Text type editor. (Rich-Text, and not binary)
2. Default is Mono-space font. (Consolas)
3. Font, Color, Size, Bold/Underscore/Italic are selectable option.
4. Image and Link pasting, and Link activation.
5. Menu/Tool bar area is minimal (1 line) and Option is selectable in minimum click(s).
6. Supports pure text (.txt), Rich text (.rtf) and BOM (utf-8). note: Associate rtf extension to MyNote.exe for ease of operation.
7. Light-weight, fast launch.

I developed this editor quite time ago, and using it without any incovenience, though I had a plan to complete not-yet-implemented features, such as Print and Find. I posted 'MyNote', as is now, HERE.


Sample screen-shot for MyNote


Thursday, May 27, 2010 08:30 AM

EmEditor Syntax file automated creation for PowerShell V2

I previously uploaded EmEditor, the Emurasoft's text editor, Syntax file for PowerShell. PowerShell V2 has been available for Microsoft Workstation/Server OSes for quite some time now. There's some change and addition to PowerShell V1. So, I updated. You can find it HERE.
If you have an interest about What’s New in PowerShell V2, Joel “Jaykul” Bennett's presentation is HERE.

One noticeable uniqueness of the PowerShell language, is that the keyword such as, Cmdlets, Alias, Function, etc are user definable and extensible, not like the other languages. Because of this nature, static definition will be discouraged. I made a small PowerShell script to extract necessary keywords from your current system, to create syntax file matches with your system. But, if you are not extending basic set of PowerShell, you can use uploaded V2 syntax file AS IS, of course. If you are an advanced user and adding some import modules, and like to reflect these additions, you may do so. I posted my script 'CreatePSesyV2.ps1' HERE for your convenience.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010 02:30 PM

Slideshow built for my own purpose

cakeLast couple of years, I have had happy times, because of my Son and Daughter's weddings, birth of grand-children and ... For each son and daughter's birthday, I planned to make a happy birthday slide-show which has recent happy evens and memories. First I tried Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker. It's not actually using Movie, but a lot of pictures with pan and zoom, blend filter, transition filter, picture and text effects and embedded music. Making slide-show with this software is quite easy, and yet built show looks like professional work. And easily can output to .WMV format file. I love it.

There's always exists pros and cons. One of the most discouraging point was that produced product (.wmv file) is so BIG! My slideshow for my daughter became 70Mb with 640x480 resolution video. If I upload this file to my Internet provider's WEB site, only one this file eats up about 70% of my contracted space. I can't put two files for son and daughter!

I love the features of Microsoft Movie Maker, so I tried some other slideshow products which have same kind of features as Microsoft, simple and powerfull. None of the trial satisfied my interest. As I was once a computer engineer, and developed quite complicated big project (it was long time ago, and old main-frame computer, though), I decided to make it by myself.

Some of the key features:

- HTML and Javascript program
- Javascript portion is re-usable library
- User just define the image data and image effects in small HTML
- Support music with progress control bar
- Support slide-show control bar
- Support music and show synchronization
- Support blend/transition filters
- Support pan/zoom effect
- Support title/caption/comment/date text with effects
- Support YouTube
- Simple and small size, but powerful

FlamencoGuitarMost easy way to describe the product feature is to show the actual sample. I have an interest of Flamenco and I used to play Flamenco guitar as a hobby. This sample that I made shows you Flamenco related pictures and music. Music is taken from YouTube, Jose Tanaka's Guitar lesson video. YouTube URL is HERE. Thanks to Jose.

This sample, which uses Youtube music, instead using MP3 audio file is HERE.

User HTML coding is less than 30 lines. Data size is just the sum of the pictures, plus 30+ lines html and Javascript library. Reducing great deal, compared to Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker generated file. Here's the cording. This is a template. You can change or fill in the defaulted parameter values as you like it, and fill in the image FileName and it effects. That will complete your slide-show.

Html portion (user cording)


Effect parameters


If you want to use my javascript, it's free to do so, just include following one line in between <body> and </body> section,
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://heizodani.com/slideshow/slideshow.js"></script>
or if you want to modify the script, download this javascript and modify it as you like. But, I am still improving my slide-show script day to day, so if you use my script from my site directly, you can enjoy my improvement also.

PS: By the way, I am developing Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker to HTML Conversion program "wlmp2html.exe" Once I complete this project, user can now develop his/her slide-show using Movie Maker and then convert to Html and can publish the show, without efforts.


Monday, May 24, 2010 08:05 PM

Re: Floor Plan Designer -Lite Updated

On August 14, 2007, I posted 'Floor Planning Designer -Lite' (post was written in Japanese) made for my relative managing small real estate company, and quite a few time have passed since then. At that time, latest version of OS was the Windows Vista, but now, as most of you may start using Windows 7 already.

'Floor Planning Builder -Lite' is using Microsoft Paint as a core base. What happen to the Windows 7 version of the Microsoft Paint? As all of you may know, the UI is quite changed compared with Windows Vista version, and adapting so called 'Ribbon Interface'. Does this change impact to the current program? Well, not much, but small modification is to be applied to the program.

As though the Ribbon Interface changed the user interface very much, but still most of the menu functions are remain same, as far as short-cut ky concerned. If the short-cut key remains same, there is no impact to the program coding. My close verification of the short-cut key revealed that there is a change in key assignment in Windows 7 Paint, compared to Vista and XP. That are (Ctrl+PgUp) and (Ctrl+PgDn), the image view % size change function. Win7's assignment is somehow reversed. I just don't know whether this is because of the coding bug or Microsoft have intentionally changed this. Anyway, because of this fact, my old program is not 100% compatible with Win7 Paint.

In detail, as a fact, this function has some other slight difference in between three Xp, Vista and Win7 OSes. Xp has only two modes, standard or enlarged. But, Vista has more modes and 1 hit makes 200%, and another hit makes 400% enlarged view. And Win7 adopts 200% -> 300% -> 400% -> ... the +100% incremental method.

  Floor Planning BuilderVista-Paint
XP PaintVista Paint
  Floor Planning Builder
Win7 Paint

Based upon this, I made a small modification to the current coding with VS2010, and now can handle OS differences. And posted on downloads section. Those who are interested, take it.


Tuesday, August 15, 2007 03:30 PM

Now these days are gone - My first computer engagement

This week of the year is called Bon here. A Buddhist festival for honoring the spirits of ancestors. My case is not ancestors, but the memory of my old gone days. I just happen to find the picture of my first computer I engaged, while surfing on Internet. That is THIS. (Thanks to Computer Museum site.)


In 1957, General Electric and NCR jointly developed first transistorized solid state business computer NCR 304. As shown on the Museum site's description, this computer have been installed in Government, Military institutions, Mega-banks and major institutions. Two systems have delivered here in Japan, one to country's leading bank, The Sumitomo Bank, and the other to leading steel manufacturing company, Fuji Iron & Steel (later this company became The Nippon Steel Corporation by the merger of two giants, Yawata and Fuji). My first computer career was to maintain this system at Fuji Iron & Steel company, as a customer engineer.

System shown on picture seems to be small. The big box seen on the front row looks like a mainframe cabinet, but, that's not true. That is the magnetic tape handler's controller. Mainframe cabinet is not seen on this picture, and much much more bigger than that box. As the magnetic tape handler was the typical external memory device, no disk yet, and generally system had more units than the picture. Speed of the sorting data depends on the number of magnetic tape device. That's why system had so many MT divices. There's no CRT console, of course. Flexo-Writer, shown on the side of console was the system console in/out device.

Latest PC, or even larger server, has only one board or two. But, this computer have had hundreds PIBs (Plug-In-Board), or more than that, I've never counted. And I mastered the function and meaning of every logic on schematics, even to the level of gate. By the way, schematics were blue print copy, and the size was large as tatami-mat. And was folded many ways to make it small. At the time of the trouble-shooting, I used to unfold the blue print from the big piles of schematics, in a second, a professional way....

Macro Assembler (not Machine level Assembler) was used for programing. But, my programing style at that time, was to use Machine Instructions directly, for making small program. I used to memorize all Machine Instructions, and entered directly into memory using Flexo-Writer. Debugging? Of course, I read code directly from Memory Dump....

I am now just murmuring with a small voice, with sigh, "these days were gone".

Here's my old day's pictures at the Fuji Iron & Steel company.

  NCR 304
                         My old day's picture 1 (back)
  NCR 304
                         My old day's picture 2 (left)


Tuesday, August 14, 2007 05:30 PM

Floor Plan Designer -Lite

This version of the "Floor Plan Designer -Lite" was the first trial version and was obsoleted.
Please refer to the updated version, which is posted at May 24, 2010 on this Monologue.


Sunday, July 01, 2007 11:30 AM

EmEditor Syntax file automated creation for PowerShell

I've been using EmEditor, the intuitive Emurasoft's text editor, for long time. From the time my main programming language was C/C++.

Of course, I am talking about PC era. To tell the truth, I was started computer 'several decades' ago. At that time, there was no PC yet. And programing was normally written on papers (coding sheet). As though the host computer was huge machine, there was no terminals such as CRT. Even, time sharing system had not invented yet. We have to key-punch the program coding by card punch machine. There was no text Editor! Believe me. A man who lived in stone age is still alive, and learning utmost object-orientated Shell. What a great story!

Thanks to the modern text editor technology, keyword highlighting based upon syntax grammar is available for most of the latest text editors. As you may know, EmEditor supports this feature. Additional convenience in this editor is that the user can define the new languages syntax file by herself. So, I did it.

The PowerShell will be the next generation script language, and will getting population sooner or later. But, so far, no one seems to be develping EmEditor's PowerShell Syntax file yet. Please find HERE my PowerShell.esy file I posted. And HERE is the sample screen-shot.

One uniqueness of the PowerShell language, is that the keyword such as, Cmdlets, Alias, Function, etc are user definable and extensible, not like the other languages. Because of this nature, static definition will be discouraged. So, I did it. I made a small PowerShell script to extract necessary keywords from your current system, to create syntax file matches with your system. I posted my script 'CreatePSesy.ps1' HERE.

Script is simple and straightforward. As you may noticed, the static definition of the keyword portion is minimal.

Portion of the script is as follows.


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