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Heizodani's Dogs

My first dog - 'Manatee'

Bearded Collie, which is named from the looking of beard style, is my first dog
This dog is famous for sheep keeping dog in Scotland.
The dog is very obedient, and yet very strong.
He came from the Asuka Golden-button Kennel, who is the first breeder of this kind of dog in Japan.
I gave him the name of 'Manatee' as he is very gentle and bland attitude as a Manatee.

MANATEE's Profile

Date of Birth: January 13, 1992
Color: BLK WH
Name: DOMINO of golden button FCI (BDC-00078/92)
Sire: *AMIABLE AZULE of mike island jp (CH91.6 BDC-00071/90 CD1)
Dam: BELCHER of golden button FCI (BDC-00096/90)
Puppies Reg: Male 5, Female 1 (00073-78/92)

My second dog - 'Chocola'

After the loss of the former large dog, we spend a lonely time for some periods.
But, this time small dog came to our home. She is Yorkshire Terrier(Yorkie)and her name is 'Chocola'.

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